Psychometric Assessments

DiSC’s are increasingly used as an objective and powerful tool to measure and better understand an individual’s behavioural preferences and motivations – or what makes them ‘tick’. Click here to find out more information.

CV Writing

Your CV is no longer a paper document, and that means it needs a different layout and approach if it’s going to be noticed on an employers computers screen. For our Top Ten CV tips, click here. And if you’d like a free CV template, please click here.

Get Noticed Online

If you’re going to be really effective in your job search, you need to be managing your online profile. Here’s our latest thoughts on LinkedIn, but make sure your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts aren’t also leaving the wrong impression.

Latest News

Let Your Employee Complete You…

Posted Thursday 20 July 2017

Successful companies know that developing and utilising the knowledge and experience of their people has paramount importance. We can...

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Are you coming? Book now!

Posted Wednesday 5 July 2017

With less than a week left have you booked your space at our funding morning on Tuesday 11th of July...

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Jobs Outlook for June

Posted Friday 30 June 2017

In the three months to May, a third of employers felt that UK economic conditions were improving and expected...

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Latest Blog

Who wants a job that pays them loads of money? Put your hands up?!!

Posted Thursday 20 July 2017

By Mandy Brook I was reminded recently by the BBC telling the world who in their organisation earns more...

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Job Hunters: Stop talking yourself out of that job

Posted Thursday 13 July 2017

I want to be rich. Not rich like a Premiership footballer – I don’t want to be so rich...

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Stop writing off our Baby Boomers!

Posted Wednesday 12 July 2017

By Harriet Finch “Respect your elders” A phrase we have all heard but it would seem not one we...

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Just a few of the reviews we've received

“I’m so glad you put this candidate forward as I had pretty much ruled her out due to her level of experience – just shows that a CV can only tell you so much and the value a great recruiter can bring to a client when they really know their candidates worth and client’s needs – many thanks for your help again with this placement.”

Manager – Aviation Company

“RSE Group has taken me from a long period of unemployment to a stream of steady work in an amazingly short and hassle free timeframe. I have found their service to be both friendly and professional and I thoroughly enjoy working with them. All my thanks go to Leanne and the team for their continued help and support.”

Many thanks, R. Hewitson

About RSE Group

Here at the RSE Group, we are curious to understand what will give organisations the best ROI on their investment in their people.

We aren’t just about recruiting the best people but ensuring they join the best working environment, and their managers and leaders have the tools and skills to help them realise their own and others capabilities.
Whether it’s about their skills, experience, attitudes & potential, or about its organisations and their teams, management, leadership, culture and behavioural preferences, it is clearly so much more than just about getting bums on seats.

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