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Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability at The RSE Group Ltd

Reducing our Environmental Footprint and Maximizing our Social Impact

As a recruitment company with significant business partnerships, The RSE Group Ltd is committed to maintaining and promoting a first class service to clients and candidates alike. Our company values, which incorporate the principles of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability, guide our relationships with clients, employees, and the communities and the environment in which we operate. Our approach to sustainability addresses our environmental impact, supporting our vision while meeting client demands for socially responsible partners. From our formation we formally incorporated CSR and environmental sustainability principles into our culture, values and ethics. This has been integral to the way we have done business in the past and will continue to play a central role in influencing our practice in the future.

We are very pleased to be able to announce our sponsorship of these 4 charities by enabling them to use a fabulous new smart app called Give On the Mobile www.giveonthemobile.com – this allows a quick and easy donation at a fraction of the cost of Justgiving or Virgingiving etc to enable the Charities to get more of their donations directly and allow the individual or company to pay quickly and easily from their mobile without remembering complicated passwords etc each time. Small and often is good – if you have a good month you can donate. Simples!

  • Teenage Cancer Trust
  • St Michaels Hospice
  • The Chestnut Tree House Hospice
  • Children’s Respite Trust

These charities are all dear to our heart and we will increase our support to these and other charities over time. Please download the app Giveonthemobile and maybe donate a pound or two to our favourite charities or maybe a few of your own favourites?

We believe in giving back to our community not just taking. Thank you for your continued support as always.

The RSE Group Ltd Team


About RSE Group

Here at the RSE Group, we are curious to understand what will give organisations the best ROI on their investment in their people.

We aren’t just about recruiting the best people but ensuring they join the best working environment, and their managers and leaders have the tools and skills to help them realise their own and others capabilities.
Whether it’s about their skills, experience, attitudes & potential, or about its organisations and their teams, management, leadership, culture and behavioural preferences, it is clearly so much more than just about getting bums on seats.

Call us today to find out how we can help you take the pain out of your people management.

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