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The Next Generation Network is aimed at an audience that is hungry to learn and grow, and develop their careers. They will learn from each other, and also from guest speakers who will be invited to speak on a huge range of topics from Sales to Social Media, Public Speaking to Profit and Team Leadership to Technology. Held on the last Friday of every month just outside Robertsbridge. The meetings will be Chaired by Harriet Finch. Accompanied by Martin Ellis, the Wise Owl/Grumpy Grump.



The Next Generation Network is not sales development or referral focused. NGN is driven by the passion to develop and support our next generation of business leaders. The event will be focussed on learning and development. We discuss the challenges that face new leaders and invite experts to coach and mentor around these. We aim to establish a future network that will grow with you.



To provide a safe and enjoyable place for ambitious people to grow beyond their normal working environment, and to learn new skills and experiences to enrich their career in the years ahead.



  • Each network member should be an advocate for the other network members and promote them at every suitable opportunity
  • Each member will learn skills that may not apply to their immediate role, but will strengthen their claim to other roles that will help develop their careers
  • That each member should seek to have a 1-2-1 with another member every month
  • Each member will polish their presentation and public speaking skills with a timed one-minute presentation at each meeting. Each member will also have a 7-minute opportunity, to present their business to the other network members


If you would like to book or find out more information, please contact:

Harriet – Harriet@RSEGroup.Agency / 01424 830000 / 07387018845

Martin – Martin@RSEGroup.Agency / 01424 830000 / 07823887982

or visit and search “Next Generation Network” for the latest event tickets.


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