The Big Sleep 2016

The Big Sleep 2016

We are proud to announce that Louise & Leanne will be taking part in The Big Sleep on Friday 30th September & will be sleeping overnight outside of The Stade in Hastings to raise awareness and funds for The Seaview Project.

The girls have raised an amazing £120 so far and would love for you to support them and raise more money for The Seaview Project.

The Seaview Project in Hastings is an amazing & very small local charity that does amazing & vital work to help the homeless of Hastings and surrounding areas.

Why don’t you swap your bed for a sleeping bag and join us for the night or donate to give homeless people in Hastings a better future.

Although the night will be full of entertainment and fun for those joining us to fundraise, its not like that for those who are homeless. Please help us help those who are in their situation through no fault of their own & down on their luck by donating to our fund.

Click here to donate and read more…

The Big Sleep 2016

The Big Sleep 2016

Swap your bed for a sleeping bag and give homeless people in Hastings a better future. The Big Sleep is a night of entertainment and fundraising to support Seaview.

Comedian Steve Furst will be hosting the evening’s entertainment. Headlining the music will be award-winning blues man King Size Slim and The Rufus Stone Band.

Entertainment is free and open to all between 7.45pm and 10pm. The sleep out is a ticketed event which commences at 10pm in our cardboard city on the Stade. Exclusively for those sleeping out there will be an unplugged set around the brazier and a bedtime story from our host. Hot drinks will be available throughout the night with porridge served the following morning.

Tickets for the sleep out are free but you need to fundraise a minimum of £25. Of course we’d like you to raise a lot more and there are lots of prizes to be won if you do!

Visit The Big Sleep to get involved.

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