A Great British Debate – ‘Carry On With The Country’? by Alan Pavey

A Great British Debate – ‘Carry On With The Country’? by Alan Pavey

Back in February I wrote about my reservations in relation to what at the time was the start of the referendum process, and how I was increasingly concerned about political arm wrestling within it and the lack of political preparation and education that had not taken place. (https://goo.gl/yCwbN8)

As June 23rd approaches and the media frenzy continues to grow, are we, as a country, any closer to forming a clear and informed decision?

Whilst statistical data from April shows the ‘In’ campaign as clearly in the lead, data from late May shows big gains from the ‘Leave’ Campaign. What seems to be more concerning is the longer the campaign goes on more people seem to be disengaging with the process, due to the lack of clean, clear and concise information being provided by both sides. As it was put to me at one meeting ‘political noise’! It’s believed that a reduction in engagement is being driven by the constant insult and belittle campaign style from both sides, and that the vote could be affected by a last moment surge of people who are withholding their view point or are sat on the fence. This seems to be very similar to the last general election campaign, where the actual vote caused a surprise outcome.

This is likely to be the last time we, as a country, will get the chance to decide on our alliances with the rest of our European neighbours. It will effect everything from food prices to jobs, energy and even how our country is run.

This is a MASSIVE decision for EVERYONE!

The current process even seems to be starting to affect our economy post decision… One area that’s close to my heart, is of course recruitment; recently some in the industry have reported less permanent placements and more temporary, its believed that this is due to uncertainty about the Referendum decision. Whilst any growth is good, it’s inexcusable of any political party or process to have an effect on what is a recovering economy, without a huge amount of post change understanding and warning!

One observation of the current ‘debate’ is that its more akin to ‘Carry On With The Country’, (with David Cameron starring as Sid James and Boris Johnson as Hattie Jacques… maybe) – The constant insults, ever changing information and political Sabre waving is doing nothing to educate the average person on the street and even less to showing Britain off to the rest of the world.

People (from my observations) are totally confused and unclear as to what a decision in either direction will mean, they lack understanding of what their vote will do for them, for industry and ultimately for the country and its long term goals. Whilst a great many people seem totally focused on immigration as the main issue, the long lasting effects of this decision are about so much more! It will embrace every part of how our country works with Europe and the rest of the world. How we conduct trade, control our borders, import, export and who wants to trade with us. It will affect the value of our currency, where we can take residence when outside of the UK’s borders and the movement of our monies when we are domiciled within another country, even taxation on the transfer of any monies.

With all of this in mind, it’s critical that both businesses and people have a clear understanding of what their vote will mean, and this ultimately can only come from the people leading the campaigns. I only hope that as a country it’s not too late and we make the correct decision.



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