Blue Monday… no more excuses!

Blue Monday… no more excuses!

By Harriet Finch

Blue Monday is upon us!

Monday 15th January, The most depressing day of the year!

Our bodies are feeling the strain of our food and booze fueled Decembers, many are waiting for their Bank accounts to flourish and those dark mornings becoming more and more tedious.

Every year this date is noted… but it doesn’t have to be blue!

Why bury your head in the sand… Make Blue Monday a day of change, think about what is getting you down and tackle it.

If its genuinely just the weather or the pay day limbo, I can’t help you… Man up and plan ahead next year!

However, if it’s something more serious such as your current career then now is the time to take action!

Too many people are staying in jobs they are unhappy with. Within the past week I have spoken to two young professionals who have been in their current jobs for several years and for one reason or another are unhappy but haven’t left.

They are going beyond their job requirements, both completing managerial tasks for the same junior pay they were on when they started and furthermore, all of this without recognition!

After delving deeper and discussing what they like about their jobs, it quickly became apparent the only reason they are still there is because of their excellent relationships with their colleagues.

But is this enough?

I far too often see people staying in jobs because it’s the easy option, they like the people they work with and it makes it bearable. On average we spend between 25-30 years of our life in work (30% of your life) Do you really want this 30% to be bearable?

It’s January you have the whole year ahead of you, it’s the perfect time to make a change. Don’t let another year pass by in an average job! 



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