Brave or stupid, Sid’s Extreme CV does the trick…

Brave or stupid, Sid’s Extreme CV does the trick…

Great blog written by our headhunter Martin…

I have long held that people play it way too safe with their CV’s. They write to make sure they don’t offend anybody in the hope they get an interview. My advice is to always write your CV to prompt a reaction. Sometimes readers won’t like it, but sometimes they will, and that will increase the chances you’ll get that first meeting…

I have helped many people with their CV’s, and have a decent record of getting job hunters out of a rut. So when my 17 year old son, Sid, asked for help so he could earn some extra cash while he works his way through college, I said “Easy. Come and listen unto me my son. I shall light the way…”. Sid rolled his eyes. He knows he’s about to hear the certainty of a strong-willed parent give sage advice that’s probably going to freeze his brain.

We started our work. I have a template that makes it simple to work through.

Sid says he has little experience and won’t be able to fill even one page,  but I show him that he’s done stuff that will show others he’s capable and can take responsibility. We get it done pretty quickly and I’m quite pleased. It looks good.

But Sid’s not happy. “It’s dull. It makes me look like a 30 year old”.

I wish…

Sid is a bit creative. He’s done some acting and writes and stars in comedy videos with his friends. He has a vivid imagination. He’s absolutely certain this CV is very boring. We bicker.

I end the conversation with “OK you clever little beggar. If you’re so bloody clever, brighten it up yourself, but I’m warning you, nobody will take you seriously”

I shudder. I sound a bit like the parent I wanted not to become, but I KNOW BEST!

An Extreme CV takes shape…

Sid sits at my lap top. He’s working vigorously immediately. I can see he has the bit between his teeth. I think I need to make myself scarce and get ready for his triumphant face when he’s finished editing.

Only ten minutes later he’s done. He has a grin that could split his face.

At first glance it looks the same, but he has made 3 changes:

To his Personal Statement he has added the sentence, “I am a gorgeous and vivacious teenager”

He’s also added an extra skill – “I can grow a swell beard” (which is true – he takes after his mother)

And among his interests he now has – “……..and like to avoid spiders and the morning sun”

I try to give him advice, but I can see he already thinks it’s the most inspired and funniest thing he’s ever done. Best I just let him use it, fall on his face, and crawl back to me when he needs help ‘cos he’s being ignored.

I feel rather smug. I know how these things play out….


Sid calls.

Now that never happens. It’s always Snap Chat these days. He must be really struggling. Poor boy.

“Hi Dad”. He sounds happy. I know that means he’s trying to mask his disappointment. “I can’t be long, I’m on my lunch break. I’ve just started at the local Co-op store serving customers”.

“WHAT ??????!!!!”

It seems he delivered his CV,  and the Store Manager immediately wanted to meet whoever had the brass neck to write this CV. Sid turned up for his interview, and won through in a field of five. Job done.

I sat down before I fell down….

Lesson Learned…

Credit it to him. He was either brave or stupid. Perhaps a bit of both. But it worked because he tried. Big lesson there for all of us…

The lesson for me is that I have become a little too safe. Life does that to you as you get older. You think you know everything, and start to fret about unimportant stuff like the price of lawn mowers.

Thanks for the kick up the arse Sid. I know that’s not what you intended, but it’s been really useful.

One final thing Sid: I’m still your Dad. I’m in charge. But just mostly, not always.

I’m the Headhunter at the RSE Group. If anybody needs a copy of the CV template mentioned above, please email me at and I’ll send it over free of charge. And if you’re an employer who needs help recruiting for any key role, I can be reached on 07823 887982.



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