How to spot a good recruiter…

How to spot a good recruiter…

Are you an employer?

It’s really hard to spot good and bad recruiters when you meet them before you start any recruitment campaign. They’ll all tell you they’re the bee’s knees, and name drop clients names and try and smile in all the right places, but do you really believe them? Honestly?
I wouldn’t.
So here’s an almost fool proof way to sort out the thoroughbred from the mongrel: Look at their job ads.

 Yes. It’s quite that easy.
Many agencies are just too damn lazy to do anything much more than cut and paste the Job Description. Some might top and tail them, but not much more than that, and there are others who will pepper their ads with words like “fantastic opportunity” and “great company”, but not try to justify those claims. Others will sprinkle exclamation marks everywhere in a vain attempt to make something dull look exciting.

Look at any prospective recruiters job ads through a potential candidates eyes. Is it written to attract them? Does it look like they know the company? Has the job ad been created with thought, or does it just look slapdash?
Too many recruiters just rush these out, and it shows. Many recruiters don’t really know their client. Many often get their clients through what is essentially telesales, and they’ll often be one of 4 or 5 agencies working on any role. It betrays a real lack of attention to detail, and this is where it shows up best of all.
Well-written ads are produced with care. Good recruiters are likely to go to the trouble of getting to know the client and get to understand the nuts and bolts of the job. If they have, it’ll show in the job ads on their website. The language will be well judged and they’ll be trying to speak to a specific target audience.
It’s a dead giveaway.
Good recruiters work on the details and you can spot it. They know it makes all the difference in engaging people and getting a good response rate. Bad recruiters really couldn’t give a damn, and don’t realize they’re giving themselves away.
It is that simple. Use it to your advantage.


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