Is this Vogue or LinkedIn?

Is this Vogue or LinkedIn?

By Hariet Finch

Why do we feel the constant need to comment on women’s work attire!

In the past week, I have seen 3 articles on what women wear to work pop on my LinkedIn and quite frankly I am bored of hearing about it!

1. Firstly, a blog discussing if women were to dress like men they will be given more respect, I am sorry what decade are we in?!!!

2. Next, apparently, women’s profile pictures on LinkedIn are showing too much boob. Is this something that should be discussed on LinkedIn? Would HR post about it for the public to see? If a company is concerned about the suitability of one of their employees’ pictures, they will address this in an appropriate manner. If the company don’t mind and the female doesn’t mind why is it really anybody else’s concern? Make your judgements if you wish but they didn’t ask for your opinion.

3. Finally, dressing ‘younger’ can make you more successful at work?! If this is true, then god help us all! P.s define ‘younger’? I’d love to know what this means.

Don’t get me wrong I think it’s fine for fashion or gossip magazines but I really don’t think professional platforms should be giving so much attention to it! Women who wear skirts are as smart as women in trousers. I don’t need to wear a trouser suit to gain the respect of my candidates or clients, regardless of what I deem suitable to wear it does not change my intellect or ability!

Women and men are equal. We don’t constantly over criticise and analyse men’s short vs long sleeve shirts, 2 buttons undone vs 1. We don’t discuss their assets and judge them to be dim or offer them less respect if they’re attractive!

Why don’t we pay more attention to what women are saying and doing rather than the percentage of thigh they have on show or don’t have on show!! – I see 50 diverse women not 50 trouser suits!




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