Next Generation Leaders – Who are yours?

Next Generation Leaders – Who are yours?

By Mandy Brook

I took a two week holiday last month. Yes, I did, a whole two weeks out of the country but more importantly away from my business away from the responsibility of the business. I took my mobile with me and periodically in the first few days (Ok week!) checked my emails and social media until the brain started to unwind and let me relax. I then read..7 books in 2 weeks, 5 fiction and two business books. I was RELAXED which got me to thinking…

When I first started my company I struggled to take time out. Taking a holiday was out of the question.

As I employed my fabulous team I realised that by hiring people better than I,  it meant that I could take time out, it meant I had capable hands in my business when I couldn’t be there whether that be though holiday, sickness, business trips etc.

It means that I look at my team as the future of my business and I am constantly helping them improve through training, further education, courses, webinars. I give them time for self-improvement.

So this is what I want you to think about this month. Who works for you? Why did you take them on? Do you trust them? Where do you see them as part of your future business? Do you have a people strategy? If not why not?!

Can you see them as a leader in your future business? A leader of a team, a section, the future CEO/MD?

Realising peoples talents and expanding their knowledge is key critical in today’s employment market. They feel valued, they feel stretched, appreciated. This will give you engagement, loyalty, creativity and innovation.

Autonomy and self-growth and expression are very powerful. Let your rising stars rise. Yes some you will lose but those that get it, those that can see the future with you and help design that future for themselves and the business will allow you to grow to greater heights, will allow you to work on the business rather than in it, will allow you to take time out without stressing!

Who are your rising stars? Don’t lose them use them!

On this note, on the last Friday of every month, we hold an early morning breakfast meeting called the Next Generation Network. We will let your rising stars engage with others and come up with great ideas to take away and implement in your business if you let them! Take a look here who will you allow to go? Take a deep breath let go of the control and give the power to the next generation … you know you want to…

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