Next Generation Networking

Next Generation Networking

I have been working at RSE Group just short of 1 year, during my time here I have attended many networking events and conferences.

I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to get out of the office and talk about our unique offering. I believe face to face is still so effective and can be very beneficial to the reputation of your business. Furthermore, I love hearing about other local businesses, learning from their successes, hearing about their current news and taking their advice.

Advice has come in the bucket loads, supportive and enthusiastic. However, what I find interesting is that many times this advice has started with “when I was your age” or “if I had the exciting things ahead of me like you do” or “if I could go back I would”… this is because local networking events, conferences and many courses are predominately attended by business owners or decision makers that have been in their companies for many years and are at a more mature stage of their career.

I attended an event last year which was to discuss the impact of technology on future business. There was a lot of discussion around job shortage due to robots and how businesses are going to change and require forward planning, starting now. This was so interesting and I can really see how my job and many others are going to be entirely different within the next 15-30 years.

15-30 years, not tomorrow, not next year, over a decade away. If I asked every person in that room where they see themselves in 30 years I believe 75% would answer ‘not in business’. They may still be heading up their company but they won’t necessarily want to work 50-hour weeks. I expect the majority of the them are hoping to be retired and sailing round the world on their superyacht. I was by far the youngest person in the room; this concerns me as the topic was on the future of business, a future that most in the room aren’t necessarily going to be directly interested in.

I attended the event with my MD, she is realistic and is certain she doesn’t want to work 50-hour weeks for the next 30 years. She also doesn’t want to just send me a copy of the slides from the event because it has no context, debate or discussion and it would be easily forgotten.

By allowing me to attend events with her and on behalf the business she is providing me with the best opportunities and experiences to support my development into a versatile and well-informed leader.

In light of this myself and my colleague Martin Ellis (mature in career, not in character) are going to be running a networking event on the last Friday of every month.

The Next Generation Network will be focussed entirely around the development of our future leaders.

What Makes Us Different?

The Next Generation Network is not sales development or referral focused. NGN is driven by the passion to develop and support our next generation of business leaders. The event will be focussed on learning and development. We discuss the challenges that face new leaders and invite experts to coach and mentor around these. We aim to establish a future network that will grow with you.

I am passionate about creating a network that will grow with our future leaders and I hope you are too!

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