Social Media Checks…

Social Media Checks…

By Harriet Finch

If I typed your name into social media and shared the content publicly, would you panic?

No? Great.

Yes? Well I suggest you get adjusting those privacy settings because almost half of your future employers will check your facebook before they hire you.

Are you shocked? Are you outraged? What about freedom of speech? What you do in your own time is none of their business, surely?

Well you do kind of have a point, an EU data protection working party has ruled that employers should require ‘legal grounds’ before snooping (BBC News reports).

Furthermore, the guidelines from the Article 29 working party suggest that any data collected from an internet search of potential candidates must be necessary and relevant to the performance of the job. The party recommends that these guidelines form part of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which are due to come into force in May 2018.

Sounds great! They have your back, FREEDOM TO THE PEOPLE.

But let’s get real.

Until this becomes a law, your future employers are going to have a cheeky snoop.

And even when it does become a law, who’s to say everyone will stick to it.

You thought that lads holiday in Magaluf would go un-noticed … wrong.

Shuffling half naked in Ibiza- not the image you want to give your future employer!

I know football is “intense” and requires “passion” but I am not sure your boss is not interested in your #hashtags about Man-United’s Manager!

Be smart, make it private.

We are living and working in 2017, if you don’t think potential employers, colleagues or clients are going to check your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram you are naive.



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