Social media – yes or no?

Social media – yes or no?

What are your views on Social Media? Harmless fun and games or a waste of time?

If you are on the lookout for a new job, you may want to think twice about how you present yourself online and that includes your profile picture. More and more employers are checking out applicants on social media before making hiring decisions, so make sure that your profile image is something that portrays you in the best light.

Also consider some of the things that are visible to the public especially on Facebook. Do you mind that future employees see your political preference or that you are partial to a duck face selfie? Its worth thinking about isn’t it.

Research has shown that when future employers are looking at your Social Media presence they are looking for the following:

  1. To see if you the applicant will be a good fit with their company culture.
  2. To double check on your qualifications, this would be very true when using LinkedIn.
  3. Employers would be looking to see your creative skills and if you are a motivational/happy person.

Most importantly employers will also be screening out applicants for what they see as inappropriate behaviour online.

You also might want to consider do you need a Social Media presence. I had a situation today, where I had a perfect applicant for the role, however a social presence was essential along with the ability to use social media. Could that lack of presence hold them back? Should it?

Its very thought provoking in this ever changing socially digital world. Are you along for the ride?




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