Tattoo or Not Tattoo

Tattoo or Not Tattoo

In Britain 65% of us do not feel that tattoos are a reflection of someone’s personality. I mean let’s face it, a tattoo isn’t really going to affect the way someone does their job, is it?

The same is a consideration for piercings, especially with some of the big holes now appearing in people’s ears.

For years tattoos have been associated with drugs, gangs, bikers and other groups that were not necessarily socially acceptable. Nowadays more and more people, men and women alike have them.

What do you feel about tattoos? Does having a visible tattoo say anything about the person applying for your job?

I have a number of friends – one being a midwife – with lots of tattoos; it doesn’t say anything about them other than they are comfortable to express themselves. They are educated, intelligent and can do their jobs, very well. So would it be right to discriminate against them?

There is no law covering this at the moment, however there is lots of noise being made about the possibility of it becoming illegal for employers to discriminate against a candidate that have visible tattoos.

In modern society it shouldn’t matter about a person’s appearance. Whether or not you hire that person should be based on their skills, ability to do the job and how they would fit in the company culture.

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