The case of the vanishing candidates

The case of the vanishing candidates

By Louise Piper

It’s a question that all recruiters ask themselves. You find a candidate, speak to them, they sound really keen and eager and send their CV.  Fantastic! Then when it comes to contacting them…they’ve vanished!!!

I mean they’ve literally vanished? Surely there isn’t that many people who are afraid to answer or return a call and say “Thank you, but you know what, I’ve changed my mind. Sorry.”

I’m actually starting to believe there is a place where candidates go when they can’t just say no. There is evidence of this “vanishing space” in other aspects in life too: Sock Gremlins…steal a sock whilst it’s being washed and the internet…there’s always things disappearing on that technological highway.

What isn’t seen however, is the amount of work that we put in after that phone call in order to get your CV to a client and arrange your interview.

So all in all in my little rant, what I’m saying is… if you either apply or are approached about a job and then change your mind, ITS OK 🙂 just please let us know!  We’re not asking for the world, just that you don’t fall off it!!!



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