The cost of your time

The cost of your time

By Harriet Finch

Dear Hiring Manager,

I understand you are very busy, your time is valuable and must be put to good use.

That is why I am urging you to put some time in the diary to speak to me (your recruiter). Sending an email with a job spec and salary is simply not enough if you want the right candidate.

The people you hire will be working with you 5 days a week (potentially more), surely it’s important to tell me about the culture/team/day to day expectations? A short phone call with me could be the difference between finding the perfect candidate and wasting time and money on the wrong one.

Likewise, whilst your company is your employer of choice I need to be able to sell this to the best candidates (especially inactive candidates I am headhunting). Allow me to visit your place of work or at the very least explain why you like working there?
Yes you’re busy but you’re going to be busier when you have to sort through CV’s that don’t have the desired experience you want but didn’t put on the spec, or rejecting the ones you invited to interview but didn’t have the right personality for your team.

My time is also valuable, whilst other recruiters may be happy to work to a spec and a salary I am not. How can I place a candidate in a business I know nothing about?

Candidates what to know the facts, they are cautious, they want to know about the work life balance, progression, team structures, culture, and their specific package. If I don’t have this information it’s like selling an unfinished picture, the likelihood is you will get umpteen times more interest if you provide all the information (the whole picture).

BUT WAIT the communication shouldn’t stop there!

Once you have provided the information about the job role, the company and your perfect candidate, I will begin my search. When I have found a suitable candidate, I would like to speak to you about this individual over a short phone call, no more than a couple of minutes.

During this call I will most likely answer several questions you would have come back to me on via email taking more time out of your day and slowing the process. I will always put consultant comments on my CV’s but I am certain a quick phone call backed up with written comments is the most effective method.

I don’t want to talk your ear off, I won’t be offended if you don’t ask me how I am.

Please just grant me a little time to HELP YOU find your ideal candidate.



Harriet is one of our Total Talent Management Consultants and you can reach her by emailing or by calling 01424 830000



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