There’s more to recruitment than sticking a bum on a seat…

There’s more to recruitment than sticking a bum on a seat…

By Martin Ellis

Every recruitment event is a chance to make things better than they were. It is also a chance to spend less money. Or make more money. Or both.

QUESTION: So why is so much recruitment just a desperate effort to put a bum on a seat before it goes cold? Mostly, it gets no more consideration than deciding where to park the car. It’s almost done in automatic.

ANSWER: Because it’s difficult and time-consuming to do things differently, and it happens when there’s so much else do. “We’ll do it next time”. But there’s never a next time. So nothing changes.

STOP….. STOP……. STOP!!!!!!!

Just going round the same cycle will just mean you’ll keep getting the same results. And that’s silly – unless your results are always excellent, and let’s face it, you’d probably like them to be better.



Grab a coffee for a moment and draw breath. Let’s look at just some of the factors that, if addressed, would make your results better:

  • Is your staff turnover too high? And if so, when did you last try to address this with joined-up, adult thinking and action? Why are you adding more fuel to this fire by throwing in new people?
  • Are your new employees joining a culture you’ve deliberately designed and want for your business?
  • Are your managers able to support new people into the business exactly as you’d like them to?
  • Do your managers have the Leadership Skills to invite people into the organisation so they’re clear what’s expected of them and they’re full of enthusiastic purpose?
  • At a time when there some people making a coherent case for removing 80% of your sales force, are you on a treadmill that’s removing value instead of adding it? (Thanks for the provocation Marcus Cauchi)
  • Do you understand your employees preferred behavioural preferences and motivations? And if you don’t, don’t you think it would be useful if you did?
  • Are you managing your business through a swathe of KPI’s that are counter-productive? Are you sure? Most KPI’s drive busy fools to worse results.

I think you get my drift.

The chances are, if you ask your average recruiter to put a bum on a seat, that’s just exactly what they’ll try to do – and while you might like that they’re doing what you ask of them, I don’t think they’re adding the value they could. And if they’re not adding value they can’t demand a premium price – and you’ll not think they’re very special.

To add real value, recruiters need to be able to understand more than just recruitment – and they need to offer solutions that will make your business better. And that doesn’t happen just by putting a bum on a seat.

It takes a child-like curiosity to understand the broader picture. If your recruiter asks lots of simple, direct questions that are challenging to answer, you might be talking to somebody who can really help you.


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