What would you choose to be – a Bentley or a Mini?

What would you choose to be – a Bentley or a Mini?

By Mandy Brook


I’ve had a bit of a full-on few months, it’s been a hard slog getting candidates for key roles and getting clients to commit and do what they say, but two things have happened that made me realise why I do this for a living and what motivates me to get up in the morning! I thought I’d share them, as in there is a lesson for us all…

Honestly, I hadn’t considered the question in the title until something went wrong with a client the other day and the issue got escalated to me.

It wasn’t a terrible problem, a life or death problem, a member of my team just hadn’t managed to alleviate a niggle he had and he’d felt short changed and because he knows me well he wanted to talk to me.

This is how the conversation went .. Client said “you know if you were going to buy a new car, say a Bentley and you had bought quality cars your whole life and you knew what you were expecting in terms of quality and professionalism? You’d got yourself psyched up to get a superior service and when you walked into the showroom they brought out a Mini, you’d be disappointed, right?”.. Me…”Yes”

Client “Well your service is like getting a Bentley, I always expect above average service from you and your team and I was just disappointed to get a Mini in this instance!”

What could I say but agree wholeheartedly! The client went on to say he uses other recruiters that give him a 2CV service, he knows that what he gets, he expects nothing more and so uses them for 2CV appointments! (imagine being a candidate there!) But with us, he always gets and expects the best. There’s a compliment right there.

It got me to thinking about the image we project and how important customer service is!!

We are in the middle of ongoing candidate and client surveys into our daily performance. All of them are above the 90% threshold. We want to be a Bentley service, we want to outperform our competitors in terms of customer service of course we do! But we are ever evolving, always improving, always learning…hence our little blip with this particular client!

94% of our clients and candidates would recommend us & we are hugely proud of this! I’ll leave you with some of our other stats later …

The 2nd thing was a member of my team telling me “If Carlsberg made jobs this would be it”… I thought I was going to cry! I did tell you it’s been a hard few months! Call me sentimental but with Client & Satisfaction stats like this and a happy team, we must be doing something right!

I just need to sort the bloody economy out now! Couple that with a few politicians, a few late payers and we might be just getting there!

Can we offer you a Bentley Service with a sense of humour thrown in for good measure? We are good at what we do. Maybe you need a customer service person!? What do you do to measure your customer service in your company?

PS no Minis were hurt in the process of writing this article and actually I quite like them! #justsaying but I know where I’d rather be in terms of perception even though we don’t cost Bentley prices!! 🙂



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