Why are you applying? by Harriet Finch

Why are you applying? by Harriet Finch

It’s Monday morning, I load up my computer and the first thing I do is open my emails.

 As a recruiter, I tend to have an intimidating number of emails on a Monday morning, applications are very large percentage of these.

 I begin to sort through … (please bear in mind that I see hundreds of applications so I do not have time to carefully read each covering letter and every detail of your CV- Harsh but true.)

  I don’t know about other recruiters but the first thing I do is open the CV and look at the most recent role, if this isn’t relevant I search for the reason they have applied for the position…. A previous job or a very relevant qualification or even work experience?



Completely Irrelevant.

 Are they just ignoring the job ad?

Are they just pressing send to every vacancy I have advertised?

 I want to understand what these people hope will happen?

 . . .

 “Ah perfect this data analyst has applied for my Specialist Mechanical Engineering Manager position. He has no relevant experience.

 No relevant qualifications.

 Has answered no to all essential yes questions.

 Ahhh go on then, let’s give him a shot????”


 Or maybe they think that getting their CV in front of me is better than not getting their CV in front of me? I would like to point these people to 2 alternative options.

 Option 1:

Dear Harriet,

 I am currently searching for a new job opportunity.

I am currently seeking roles in ***** and I am available to start immediately.

 Please could you let me know if you have any suitable positions?

 Kind regards,

 Jo Blogs


Option 2: http://www.rsegroup.agency/we-need-you/application-forms/


Dear Candidates,

 I urge you to stop wasting time applying for positions that are totally irrelevant.

 Yes, you’re right, Trump did do it and he succeeded… but do you really trust his judgement?

 Think carefully about each position you submit your CV to, if it’s not right why waste your chance? The company you apply to may have another role that’s perfect for you next week but you’ve ruined your chances already!

 ·         Make sure your experience is clear on you CV- Detail your job title with dates and company


·         If you are relocating STATE THIS or recruiters may reject you as they assume Essex is too long of a commute from Scotland. (Not mind readers)


·         Don’t rush and send an outdated CV. If the advert is closing, find a number and telephone someone, explain you need to update your CV and will send it asap.


 Furthermore, please stop bulk applying. It makes you seem unprofessional “Jack of all trades, master of none” comes to mind.


Kind regards,


A Baffled Recruiter




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