Why you NEED to be a great leader!

Why you NEED to be a great leader!

By Mandy Brook

Challenging times bring with them many uncertainties and I think we are in no doubt the UK is going through historic changing times at the moment.

It is with this in mind that we need to look at our businesses and those that work within them to establish if we are “futureproof”. Are we doing the best we can in terms of outcome and productivity or are we purely busy on that hamster wheel not achieving an awful lot? Are our people working their hardest to move you forward, are they inspired to do the best they can for you?

It is key critical in turbulent times to be an employer of choice, talent is hard to come by and looks set to get worse, we are at the lowest unemployment rate since 1971 and though this is a good thing it means that available workers are at an all time low. With the impact of Brexit also on our workforce and the possibility of losing up to 1.5million EU nationals by 2019 the job market and therefore the economy and growth are at risk of stagnating as employers fight for staff to move their businesses forward.

Becoming an employer of choice, one where people want to work comes from the top, you need to look to your leaders..are they ready, are they great at Emotional engagement, are they scared to promote people better than them for fear of losing their job, Do they work in a fear culture?  Do they know how to motivate and inspire? Do they lead from the front? Are they the most prepared they can be? Or have they been dumped in a leadership role that they didn’t really want and wasn’t ready for?

To be happy at work your team need to be appreciated and be able to progress,  progress in terms of learning but also in promotion,  they need to be able to form relationships at work, I mean work mates not dating! Lastly, they need to be able to make a difference, to their team, to the bigger picture, to the greater community.

If all this sounds a bit touchy feely to you, you need to catch up. Staff spend at least 8 hours a day at work they want to enjoy it. Yes, they get paid, but if you want your team to go above and beyond their 9-5 day to day and innovate, create, produce and make you money then you best learn and learn quickly.

To take your people with you on the journey is essential…

If this is making you think that maybe you have some learning to do, or if like me you never stop learning and never believe you know it all then take a look at our coaches
We will help you choose the right one for your needs or maybe you need several to work on different parts of your business? We also help drive your team forward and would run a team meeting for you to get the best out of and motivate your team.

It’s for you, it’s for your people managers, your team leaders, your aspiring leaders, your teams of any level. Believe me, I guarantee the things they learn will tenfold your return on investment. Take a look, be inspired, do things differently, become an employer of choice. The time is now to be ahead of the curve.



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