We recently ran a poll on Twitter, asking our followers what their thoughts were around the European Union Referendum vote which is happening in just a few weeks time.

We wanted to explore real opinions, thoughts and expectations around the vote. We think its fair to say that finding honest facts without spin one way or another has been a challenge and the fluctuation in our results reveal that you feel the same. At one point,  we had a 77% OUT  vs 23% IN. This bounced back overnight to a contradictory 81% In and 19% OUT.  One things for sure, there hasn’t been a clear answer from the beginning.

“Now that the official “Remain” and “Leave” campaigns have been announced, the country is preparing for the crucial June vote – which polls suggest is currently neck and neck”POLL RESULT TWITTER

The Telegraph moments ago posted an article suggesting that the mark couldn’t be closer. With a 51% In and a 49% Out average of the latest 6 polls conducted, it just proves the importance of YOUR vote.

A lot of people are looking at opinion polls trying to make predictions. All we know is those who voted on our poll have confirmed a positive IN/REMAIN Vote.

56% of those we surveyed have voted to remain IN and 44% have voted to leave.

What does this tell us? Well, regardless of which way you plan on voting or what views or statistics you choose to believe, the important thing is that you register, get your card, attend the booth and VOTE.

This will be one of the most important visits to the polls in your lifetime, make it count.

Registering to vote has just been extended to midnight on Thursday 9th June, so your  opportunity has not been missed. Click here to register.