Say hello to the latest addition to the RSE “A” Team – Paul Roskilly!

Paul has over 40 years experience in both the Public and Private sector!

A 30 year career in Sussex Police included 15 years as a firearms officer and instructor – so we must all be on our best behaviour during the first few weeks! (The madness will unfold in due time!)

During that period he developed skills in dynamic planning for spontaneous incidents and slow time pre planned operations including large events such as party political conferences. The most important part of his work was the development of cohesive operational teams. He was also an advisor to senior officers during Firearms Operations with a reputation for remaining calm and focused in fast moving and stressful situations. Impressive huh!

Following retirement from the Police, Paul spent 18 months working as a Civil Contingency Officer for Eastbourne Borough Council preparing Emergency Plans and assisting in events run by the Authority. He returns each year to co-ordinate the stewarding of Airbourne and to act as a link with partner agencies including the Blue Light Services – talk about best seat in the house for the red arrows – we know where we will be going next year!

6 years followed as a Lecturer on The Public Uniform Services Course at Sussex Downs College preparing students for life in the Military or Emergency Services. This was a particularly rewarding time for Paul as he developed young people to be ready for their working lives with the skills required to be successful. He still maintains contact with ex-students offering mentoring and careers advice. (Yes, sir!)

3 years followed as an Operations Manager for a Jewelers which included security, event planning and project management duties.

Paul is very excited to become part of the RSE team as Office Manager and Solutions Coach and looks forward to learning new skills from a dynamic (that’s nice!) group of people.