Our MD Mandy Brook has just been published in the Recruiter magazine this month which has a readership of over 50,000 people!

She was  interviewed about how she got into recruitment and what she loves about the role. In an honest 1 to 1 with the IRP, Mandy opens up about all things recruitment and what keeps her engaged in this ever changing industry. She says;

How did you get into recruitment?

I’d gone on holiday and decided to leave my very high pressure 90 hours a week sales role. They let me go the same day as sales roles do. On the way back home I walked into an agency and said I need a temp job until I decided what I wanted to do and they said come and temp for us! They gave me a yellow pages and a phone and said get on with it…. Ive been in recruitment ever since!

What do you love about the job?

I love the variety, meeting people from all walks of life. The difference you make is measurable and so rewarding! It’s challenging and different every single day. You are part recruiter, part counselor, part employment expert, happiness giver and super hero rolled into one lol… 

Would you recommend that job seekers consider recruitment as a career?

If you love people, can easily start conversations and want to make a difference as well as earning good money and you are excellent at people matching then this is the job for you. Honestly don’t do it if you aren’t the person in the room “that matches your mates up with the one!” If you can do that then either recruitment is for you or working for a dating agency! Similar principal! You need to make people comfortable and be the best that they can be, you need to educate clients and make people feel special because they are. If you think you bring out the best in people and can people match, not just skills but ethos, work ethic etc, this job will be the BEST job that you have EVER had!!  As an aside you really need to be organized and love social media too!

What keeps you in this industry?

It’s ever evolving, never boring, a challenge every day, mostly in a good way. My team rock and exemplify the what is great about our industry they just “get it” watching them in action is a joy.

I want to change people’s perceptions about recruiters, we do great work, we change people’s lives for the better, we truly make a difference. To pass that knowledge on to others is something that makes me get up every day. I love it, always have!

Can you give us one #positiveplacement story?

Gosh I have so many but the best ones are the placements you make who become friends. The candidates that become clients, the candidates that care about you and you care about them, they are the best good news stories you can have. They make this job the best ever job… I have clients and candidates that I have worked with from day one. That’s a good working relationship right there and as positive a story in recruitment as you can get.

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