Mandy to speak at Sussex Economic Forum

Mandy to speak at Sussex Economic Forum


“A conference not to be missed”

Sussex`s economic growth and development will be the main subject matter of the conference and will see many high-profile keynote speakers on the panels to include economists, politicians, local government bodies, public-private partnerships, universities and more. Attending delegates will comprise many of the counties businesses, members of the chambers of commerce, local government bodies and its numerous institutions.

The two-day conference will open on Thursday 16th November 2017 at the Hilton Brighton Metropole Hotel with the Gala Business Dinner which will include a top keynote speaker and will be attended by politicians, local MPs, heads of the local county councils, chambers of commerce’s and many of the top local businesses.

On Friday 17th November, The Sussex Economic Forum 2017 Conference will open in earnest at the Hilton Brighton Metropole Hotel with up to 750 delegates attending the full day conference. The Keynote speakers will provide key messages and insights relating to the future of business in the county and the country as a whole and they will offer delegates insight into the present and future corporate markets, share the latest trends and demonstrate market forecasts. Economic growth in Sussex leads to major improvements in living standards and helps to expand its existing markets and opens new ones, which in turn will help to ensure a bright future for local businesses and its inhabitants.


The conference panel speakers have been selected because they are business professionals, national, local and international politicians, local government, chambers of commerce and education institutions representatives all of whom drive local and national economic growth, business and everything in between. British Politics is at the heart of our country and infiltrates sports, transportation, education, employment, science, medicine, the arts and business, and is, of course, central to our democracy and running of a sound and economically stable nation. The Sussex Economic Forum’s speakers will be some of the most astute, charismatic and knowledgeable orators.

Mandy, our MD, will be speaking alongside some fantastic business people including: RT HON SIR VINCE CABLE , L ALAN WINTERS CB and DAVID SMITH amongst others!

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