Meet our MD

Meet our MD

Mandy Brook

Mandy has been in been in recruitment for 17 years and cringes when recruiters are compared to the dodgy trades, double glazing, car sales, estate agents, as with all these careers there are some really good people out there.

She offers a bespoke service where everyone is treated like an individual be that client or candidate. She likes to get to know her clients and in doing so not only job and skill match but most importantly of all people match.  Job hunting is so emotive; the wrong person in a role will upset a whole team in days. “I like to say I’m a match maker but not in the dating sense but in the right person for the right job sense…It’s my life I love what I do and let’s face it how can I not when what I do is try to find clients their perfect candidate and candidates their best job where they enjoy going to work, its sooo satisfying”

She knows from experience what it’s like to hate your job so always goes the extra mile to get the right match and having been on the other side of the coin as an employer running a business knows very well how costly the wrong choice is as well as disruptive to the rest of your team. So seeing the job from both sides of the coin helps enormously.

In summary “What you see is what you get, a no nonsense, honest approach, in your timescale, pace and with a totally individual service from me and my A team!”

About Recruitment South EastRecruitment South East Ltd incorporating Engineering Recruitment South East Ltd has a unique philosophy which is integral to all of our services.

“We treat people as we would expect to be treated”  – obvious one would think but sadly not so in today’s commercial ‘money is everything’ business world.

We like to build on-going relationships with our customers and candidates that are mutually beneficial, based on honesty & a genuine commitment to quality. A constant desire for improvement drives us forward to make this a great experience for you.

Our consultants are REC (Recruitment Employment Confederation trained), we understand the market from every angle having been employer, job hunter, recruiter, we understand that looking for a job is an emotive process for the candidate and can be a frustrating, time consuming & costly process for the employer.

Talk to us we have a solution whatever the need you’d be surprised just how normal we are, you’ll get no hard sales here just honesty, flexibility , someone that is proactive on your behalf and works hard to achieve the results you want, in the timescales you give us.

Remember it costs nothing to register for the candidate and nothing to look at CV’s or interview candidates for the client. What have you got to loose. Pick up the phone after you have read a few of the testimonials on our website so you know what we are saying isn’t just hot air!

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About RSE Group

Here at the RSE Group, we are curious to understand what will give organisations the best ROI on their investment in their people.

We aren’t just about recruiting the best people but ensuring they join the best working environment, and their managers and leaders have the tools and skills to help them realise their own and others capabilities.
Whether it’s about their skills, experience, attitudes & potential, or about its organisations and their teams, management, leadership, culture and behavioural preferences, it is clearly so much more than just about getting bums on seats.

Call us today to find out how we can help you take the pain out of your people management.

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