Prioritise older worker recommendations…..

Prioritise older worker recommendations…..

Minister for pensions Steve Webb says that the abundance of proposals published yesterday to ‘retain, retrain and recruit’ older workers will need to be prioritised to ensure that the best possible results are achieved.

The minister spoke to Recruiter yesterday [11 March] at the House of Commons for the formal launch of the report ‘A New Vision for Older Workers’ by Dr Ros Altmann CBE.

He said proposals such as the consideration of introducing temporary National Insurance relief for employers who keep on or recruit older workers, for instance, might best be lower on the priority list because offering relief when workers already were in place could raise other, complicated issues.

He also said he hoped that whoever took on his role as pensions minister following the general election in May would also take on board the report’s recommendations overall. He pointed out the government had already taken steps such as eliminating the default retirement age to keep older people in work.

In his comments to the launch audience, Webb described the report as “the beginning of a process where this [older workers face no barriers to remain in work] is just normal”.

Launch attendees praised the choices of model/actress Twiggy, who has long been synonymous with a youthful culture and has recently fronted Marks & Spencer advertising campaigns, and TV journalist John Stapleton as the faces of the age-friendly movement.

Twiggy told the audience: “If you’re fit and healthy, you should be taken seriously in the job market.”

Stapleton commented that he was pleased to be still working on TV at the age of 69, and he added women should also have the opportunity to continue working in front of the camera as long as they liked.

Source: Recruiter



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