Here’s why…

By Mandy Brook – as featured in ACES Magazine.

Let’s look at the timeline as I see it:

BREXIT – yes it did happen and yes, we voted out! No, we did, it wasn’t a nightmare I’d had, can you tell I was a remainer?!

Then the debacle of the change and fall of the government hierarchy…

We then waited with baited breath to see what was going to happen.  We held our breath for so long that we had to let it go in mid-September. We raised our heads above the precipice and thought, it’s going to be ok, nothing’s changed, it might not, we can look forward, make a plan.

A great November was had in business, YES, it’s going to be okay!

HARD BREXIT was announced in December and those brave souls that had raised their heads retreated once more.

January – TRUMP happened!

It was a weird & quiet first quarter, historically our busiest hiring quarter of the year

We took our 2nd breath in 9 months in April… then the snap election was announced! (Shoot me now!)

Let’s get this politics history lesson into context.

Hiring is cyclical, the 1st three months of the year is VERY busy, July and August all the decision makers are away.  September everyone comes back to work raring to go changing jobs before December and their Christmas parties and bonuses.  On January 1st, their New Year’s resolution is to lose weight and I’m going to change my job. The hiring world goes mad.

Well guess what?  This didn’t happen this year. Nothing, zilch, nada – the 1st of January came and went and nothing happened. The big clients hired BUT this nation of SME’s didn’t hire their 1st employee or their 5th or their 10th. They sat on their hands watching and waiting; what next? Dare we? Can we risk it?
What did the job seekers do? They retreated.

Would you move jobs Even if the package was massively better than where you were – if you knew that on a last in, first out basis if something goes wrong you will be out of “safe” employment.

So where does this leave you and I one might ask? Trying to find quality, talented staff for our roles?

What can you do? Well you can look at who you are, what do you offer your employees? Not in terms of money but in other things to make you an Employer of Choice?  Your aim is make your company attractive, to get people to come to you and be clamouring at your door. Think Google, Apple, Disney; Dare to be different.

Some of the things to look at are:

  • Flexible working: where, how and when?
  • Work/Life balance
  • Autonomy in the work place
  • The ability to form relationships: have friends and a solid team environment
  • Happiness at work and emotional engagement of your staff.
  • Are your leader’s great, driven, can they motivate and inspire?
  • Can your staff make a difference to the wider community?
  • Do you stand out from the rest?

Courageous I know but so worthwhile…try it!

I’ll be talking about becoming an employer of choice more fully in the future.