Toupee or not Toupee that is the question?! Trump – vs – Hillary. A UK Recruiters view by Mandy Brook

Toupee or not Toupee that is the question?! Trump – vs – Hillary. A UK Recruiters view by Mandy Brook

I have lots of American friends and apologise in advance if this blog offends some of you but in the words of famous Tennis legend John McEnroe “You cannot be serious”!!?

Trump? As a real contender?

Take a look at the UK, I thought we had made the biggest historical mess up this year but it looks like America might be about to “out trump” us… see what I did there?

He is at best a showman, a blaggard, a business man of sorts that made good with his dad’s money. He is offensive, repetitive, uses made up words that no one has ever heard of, he is a bigot and worst of all he believes his own spin and has taken a large part of the US with him.

When the choice is the choice and I appreciate, the choice isn’t wonderful you have to look at the plus points, they are few. Hillary isn’t likely to upset every other Nation; she isn’t going to disregard every human rights and discrimination law that has ever been passed and America have fought until now to uphold as their biggest virtue. He has no substance everything is “Great” it will all be “great” everything he says is “great” but great at what, doing what, changing what, helping what? Great, Great, Great!! Land of the free, it won’t be!

He wants to turn America into an insular country with no outside influence or trade or help or it seems, no freedom of travel, this is how it appears to us “outsiders” his words not mine? How can you remain cosmopolitan and one of the greatest countries in the world if you can’t show it off to the world and let people see how great you are?

I was a “remain” in the BREXIT debate. Yes, I WAS! I still think our country is greater united with Europe albeit there are bits about it we dislike. We floundered at the first hurdle, abandoned by a PM who walked away and shook his head in disbelief and despair at what had happened, closely followed by everyone else.

I love my country I am British through and through but never would I vote for someone anti the rest of the world and anti-half of its own society. Please don’t let him win America do the right thing for yourselves as well as the rest of the world.

Remember he will have the right to press “that button” the right to start world war three and end of the world as we know it. He is conceited and mad enough to do it on a whim, he is out of his depth.

We are floundering and we are a much smaller country. The country, trade, sterling and employment is suffering, everything is on hold or going backwards. Investment is falling and the finance house are leaving in droves. Our pound is lower than it’s ever been.

What will a “Trump” decision do to your great country. Think please….

This is just my view, in recruitment we are at the sharp end of the economy. We are the first to feel the bad times and the first to notice the good times. Employment is key critical for every nation. When your currency crashes, people and business are uncertain of their future industry stops. Just stops. They wait, wait and see when to be brave enough to put their foot over the precipice. You don’t want to or need to go there America.

To end someone please tell me has he got a Toupee or is it just a disastrous hair comb over? Thoughts please…if nothing else I’d like to clear that matter up once and for all lol…



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