What you do: Talent Management, Business Development, Key-Role Recruitment

How long you have done it for: Since 2014

Favourite thing about your job: Every day is so different

Professional Experience/Work History: Teaching Assistant, Teacher, NHS Temps Recruiter, Compliance and Financial Crime Recruiter, Talent Management Consultant, BDM, Network Chair.

Memorable moments from your interview for RSE: Shaking Leanne’s hand at the end, she is 5ft (and ¾ of an inch) I’m 6ft in heels. After an hour of being seated across from her it was not what I expected! #Littlelil

Any other information you want to share:

  • I love to have a rant via the medium of blogging, check out my LinkedIn
  • I run an event on the last Friday of the month called the Next Generation Network to support and develop new leaders and future leaders! I am very passionate about being involved in the decisions that will affect my career and future working environments and think you should be to!
  • If you want to get on my good side talk to me about anything horsey or send me bottles of Cava or champagne!

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