What you do: I am the Solutions Coach and Office Manager here, but mainly I talk to people, ask questions and set challenges.

How long you have done it for: 5 months

Favourite thing about your job: The people, the dogs and the challenge.

Professional Experience/Work History:

I have over 40yrs of experience and fun in both the Public and Private sector mainly in Sussex having served at Hastings, Eastbourne, Brighton and Gatwick.

A 30yr career in Sussex Police mainly driving fast cars and shooting guns, responding to incidents in East Sussex and West Sussex.

Civil Contingency Officer for Eastbourne Borough Council preparing Emergency Plans for things that hopefully would never happen.

Six years as a Lecturer at Sussex Downs College Eastbourne preparing students for life in the workplace, both public and private sector. I taught Leadership and Teamwork, Including careers advice, Interview practice and preparing students for recruitment drives with all the Public services. The biggest challenge was getting them to understand they are responsible for their own success. (Not failing alarm clocks, late buses or the dog eating their work).

Three years as Operations Manager for WBruford Jewellers, Eastbourne where I learnt that Rolex is king.
I am loving being part of the great RSE team (Recruitment South East) as their Office Manager and Solutions Coach.

Memorable moments from your interview with Mandy: I met Mandy for careers advice. During our 3rd meeting she said “This may be a bit off the wall, but I think you could do a job for me”. (it was and I do). 3 months later, here I am.