What you do: Marketing and Events Manager

How long you have done it for: Nearly 2 years here at RSE Group, 7 years in total…

Favourite thing about your job: The constant cackle of laughter coming from behind a screen somewhere in the office!

Professional Experience/Work History: Its been a pretty interesting journey to date 😊 From selling wedding dresses, to working for Mickey Mouse in the states and then working for Estee Lauder Companies… what a learning curve! (Who wants to wear a minimum of 12 items of make up on their face? MINIMUM) Yes, its true, it took me a little while to figure out what I wanted to do!

I left Lauder joined a Sussex based umbrella company as their Marketing & Events Manager – which I loved and learnt A LOT, very quickly. 2 years later I had had enough of seeing these #Wanderlust posts, so quit my job and travelled around the world with my partner and inevitably I came back jobless – and where do you go when you are job hunting? The RSE Group! Now, nearly 2 years later – that ‘interview’ with Mandy is a distant memory.

Memorable moments from your interview with Mandy: “Do you like dogs? In fact, tough. You’d better like dogs, I have 7 of them. See you when you get here!”