Our company goal isn’t just to support you to recruit staff into key jobs. Just putting a bum on a seat doesn’t add the value that most of our clients are looking for. Our aim is to help you establish individuals and teams who stay longer, become productive quickly, and help their organisations grow and prosper. It may sound counter-productive, but we’re much happier working with companies with a lower staff turnover than those in constant churn – that’s how we grow our reputation and develop our recruitment agency through recommendation.

Different organisations need different things at different times. And sometimes that support needs to be discreet, personal and sensitive. We have a team of coaches and mentors with different skills and a wide span of industrial experience beyond recruitment, not just across East Sussex, West Sussex and Kent, but international too.

Business coaching can include:

  • Leadership and Management and Development
  • Employability Coaching
  • Team Building and Team Leadership
  • Change and Culture Management and Development
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
  • Building Confidence and Self-Esteem, and encouraging work/life balance
  • Emotional Wellbeing & Why smart employers are investing in workplace wellbeing
  • Building Effective Boards of Management
  • Managing Absenteeism.

If new employees are managed and led well, they will settle into their job more quickly, become more productive for longer, and give you potential managers for the future – growing people from within is better than paying a recruiter to bring in new blood!

You won’t hear that from a recruiter very often!