Paul offers a unique skill set to his clients as a Solutions Coach (trouble shooting).

Paul has a very calm manner and an eye for detail and finding solutions to problems. He has a unique set of skills that sets him apart from the normal coach, project manager, mentor gained from his time served in the Police force and in various other managerial environments including Retail ops and Further Education.

He has a passion for developing teams in the working and educational environment. He is comfortable setting direction or empowering staff to take responsibility for the group/business development. He has a reputation for fair assessment and delivering feedback and developmental requirements in an inclusive, constructive and positive way. Paul encourages staff to debrief situations openly with honesty, creating a safe experiential learning environment.

He has a flexibility of thought and the ability to think clearly under pressure, prioritising his actions and those of others for the desired outcome. He has excellent communication skills and the ability to develop and motivate staff. This calmness under pressure enables him to negotiate solutions to conflict situations and instills confidence in his clients.

Paul has a particular strength in identifying strategic actions in fast changing scenarios, and a vast experience in event planning including, conferences, VIP visits and large public and high profile events.

  • Lecturer in Further Education
  • Developing & delivering bespoke Training Courses
  • Tactical Advisor to senior managers
  • Event Planning
  • Development of Emergency and Contingency plans
  • Production of Risk assessments
  • Business continuity planning
  • Co ordinating Multi Agency responses
  • Security advice
  • Project management
  • Police Officer 30yrs
  • Firearms Officer/Instructor