Sandra trained as a psychologist, occupational psychologist and then specialised in industrial safety psychology across high hazard sectors like mining, manufacturing, chemical processing and defence. Working from the perspective of organisation culture, she began to crave working with individuals within the organisations at a deeper level. Sandra became acutely aware of the rising levels of anxiety, self-doubt and dissatisfaction amidst highly qualified professionals and skilled technicians coping with increasingly tough business environments, performance cultures and constantly changing work system demands. She loves working with the interface between organisational performance, job design and individuals.

“I decided to train as a Neu-Chem coach practitioner because I value coaching techniques that are scientifically underpinned, and techniques that bring together the complexities of our social, biological and psychological selves. These complexities, we bring to our work place, our home environment and our shared communities. They set the context by which we succeed, make mistakes and generally cope with the deals and ordeals of our day-to-day lives.”

Sandra’s coaching style is one which is open and friendly. She values having a client feel relaxed and understood during the coaching and explains the neuroscience behind the techniques used. She enjoys the sense of progress from connecting clients’ experiences with their expressed emotions and elucidating tactics that empower clients to grow (and follow) new pathways.

Qualifications, Affiliations & Registrations

• MSc Occupational Psychology

• BSc (Hons) Psychology

• ‘Level A’ and ‘Intermediate Level B’ occupational testing

• Diploma in Performance Coaching

• Award, Certificate and Diploma in NeuChem® Coaching

• Chartered Occupational Psychologist

• Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society

• BPS Division of Occupational Psychology member

• BPS Special Group in Coaching Psychology member


In recent years, Sandra has specialised in a health & safety-focused approach to coaching individuals, teams and organisations, having carried out hundreds of interviews and focus-groups with staff to explore the safety cultures of their workplace, how they experience their workplace challenges and in what ways the teams can improve the day-to-day dialogue and have a positive impact on the emotional engagement of their staff. Sandra’s general working style is collaborative and consultative. She enjoys the application of evidence-based, psychology techniques combined with diagnostic tools. The clients with whom Sandra has worked spans Healthcare; Oil & Gas; Mining; Manufacturing; Defence; Transport; Power; Pharm/Chem and processing sectors. She takes an integrated worker-system approach to optimising job design, reducing error and supporting structures that enable people to perform at their best and their safest.