By Harriet Finch

You have made the big decision to leave your current employer. You are full of the joys and you feel so excited. The prospect of more money, a shorter commute, a senior title! You’re thinking why didn’t I do this sooner! New amazing relaxing, richer life here I come!

First step, make a new CV.

“It can’t be hard, I can do that no problem”

Thirty minutes in, it’s going well, you’re bigging yourself up, writing down what you do in your current role; managerial duties, training junior team members, you’re thinking boom look at me, who wouldn’t hire me?

One hour in you’re referring to yourself in the third person and using phrases like “works well in a team or individually”, “competent in all Microsoft packages including Excel” (which 90% of the time I’m sure is a load of tosh anyway).

Two hours later and you are staring at un-finished document that is going to determine your future …  P A N I C

Here some will encounter their first JSW – “Job Search Wobble”. It might go a bit like this…

“Who gives a Sh*t what I got in my O-Level maths” “I can’t remember what my job title was” “I don’t have any bloody hobbies”. Panic not, this is normal and you will be fine!

A CV is never finished, every job is different, you are never going to send the same CV for all roles. Get the basics down then add to it when you find a suitable role to apply for. Click this link for the basics of a CV

Below are just a couple of my DO NOT’S for your CV:

1. Don’t use an old email address such as the following





Email addresses are FREE… make a new one rude boy!

2. Do not list your responsibilities from you corner shop job in 1964

3. I do not want a detailed report of your travels around Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand – I am sure it did change you as a person but I don’t really want your travel itinerary thanks!

4. Don’t make it more than 3 pages ABSOLUTE MAXIMUM, if you really have that much to say, well just don’t

5. I also don’t care how many kids, wives or husbands you have and I certainly don’t care how long you have been married

Keep it simple. Keep it professional.

To be continued …. The Emotional Rollercoaster of Looking for Work-  Part 2 – Searching for a Job