MD of RSE Group Ltd invited to dinner with Rt. Hon Jeremy Hunt MP Foreign & Commonwealth Secretary

Mandy our MD was lucky enough to be invited and share a table with our newly appointed Foreign Secretay at The Conservatives Women’s Association Dinner in Knightsbridge on Weds 17th Oct 2018

He spoke about the need for more women in Politics & the support they would get from the CVA, Brexit and being positive even though we are “near the wire” in terms of an agreement. “It will happen,” he said.

His journey into politics and why he entered.

Mandy got to discuss her views on being a Remainer and SME and recruitment in the UK, the problem re finding talent without a European influx and our recent success story of finding 150 English workers to undertake a grape harvest in Sussex.

Mandy said “I liked him, down to earth, frank, he made sense. Was totally open about Brexit and newsworthy issues, no spin here”